Liner Notes

Conversations. A collection of songs that in this moment in time paints a portrait of me musically. I hope it makes you think, I hope it makes you sing, and as the last note dissipates I hope it feels like you just had a meaningful conversation with me. ~EJT


Notes from Elizabeth: As the first track on the project I wanted to give the listeners something familiar. I am currently established as a jazz artist that mainly performs "the standards", and this is a straight ahead classic that everyone can enjoy. The arrangement is meant to highlight the common practice of "passing solos" in jazz. I was honored to have Tony Mata (g), Jordan Ponzi (b), and Rich Mossman (d) as the featured trio. They are in the top tier of jazz musicians in Hampton Roads, VA, and they brought a great swing, and wonderful solo performances to the song making it an excellent depiction of the common flow of a live jazz band. 

Writers: George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin, DuBose Heyward




La Robe Rouge

Notes from Elizabeth: "La Robe Rouge" (which means "The Red Dress") is the most unique track on the EP for several reasons. For one, it was originally written in 2011 as a solo guitar piece. My husband composed it for me as a love song while we were dating. He told me "I always imagine you dancing in a red dress while I am playing this song". Fast forward to early 2017 and I'm trying to finalize the song list for this EP. I knew I wanted to include a track of improvisation that featured some scatting and vocal arranging, and my husband suggested that I use his piece as the starting point. I loved the nostalgia and personal history it would add to the project, and I jumped at the idea. I began writing vocal improvisations, but soon they formed into lyrics. The imagery my husband spoke of all those years ago stuck with me and inspired the story-telling form the song takes, and whose story could I tell better than my own? I hope you enjoy the peek behind the curtain as you listen to "La Robe Rouge". 

Writers: Johnny Terrell, Elizabeth Joy Terrell 

© ELIZABETH JOY TERRELL 2017. All Rights Reserved. 



Notes from Elizabeth: As a songwriter, "Happy" is one of my favorite love songs I've written to date. While my personal relationship was taken into account during its composition the main source of my inspiration was gathered from several of my friends' stories and experiences. This song was actually written after I *thought* I had already finalized the originals for "Conversations". However,  when the idea came to me- I sat down and wrote it in one sitting, and I knew it needed to be on this EP. I was very intentional about the little pieces of tension throughout the melody. I didn't want to write another love song with a flourish of major chords and "happy" resolutions, and while each section does resolve the ups and downs along the way I think well represent the journey of love many of us find ourselves on. 

Matthew Caldwell (p), Robert 'Robbass' Wilkins (b), Curdarius Swain (d), and Johnny Terrell (g) are the featured musicians on this track. They executed the changes and progressions flawlessly which really allowed the feeling behind the song to shine through. 

Writers: Elizabeth Joy Terrell

© ELIZABETH JOY TERRELL 2017. All Rights Reserved. 


Blue Skies

Notes from Elizabeth: This has always been one of my favorite standards to perform, and is one of the first jazz songs I remember learning. The arrangement is my own and was developed over years of live performance. As a jazz artist I LOVE throwing in variations to a standards' traditional feel and style, and I think this piece captures my spontaneity well. Tony Mata, Jordan Ponzi, and Rich Mossman make another appearance as the trio, and their stellar musicianship perfectly blends the change from a funk groove to a swing. Vocally, I threw caution to the wind with this number and decided to simply have fun. I let the feel of the song dictate my varying inflections and choices. I hope to continue in this direction when performing and recording classic jazz covers in the future. 

Writers: Irving Berlin



Humanity Song

Notes from Elizabeth: While I can not pick a favorite song on this project I can say that "Humanity Song" certainly has my favorite message. As an artist, I realize that my mark on the world will be left through my music, and my ultimate hope when sharing that music is that every listener leaves with a positive impression left on their life. I think "Humanity Song" calls on all of us to do better and be better. I hope it leaves you inspired. 

Matthew Caldwell (p), Robert 'Robbass' Wilkins (b), Curdarius Swain (d), and Johnny Terrell (g) make another appearance on this track together, and their flexibility as musicians really gave this song room to breathe and grow. The groove is steady but each section takes on its own life leaving the listener with a memorable new tune reverberating in their mind. 

Writers: Elizabeth Joy Terrell 

© ELIZABETH JOY TERRELL 2017. All Rights Reserved.  

Thank You's

My husband: Johnny you have always given me room to simply be. Thank you for helping me see that I was brave enough, good enough, and simply enough to do this. You're the boy watching from afar who showed me I could be happy. 

Tony, Rich, and Jordan: I will be forever grateful that you are the ones featured on this project. It has been a distinct pleasure getting to know each of you, and I'm thankful for the community that you've shown me during my journey with jazz.

Matthew, Curdarius, and Rob: You all brought a new level to my original music, and laid an excellent foundation for what is to come. Thank you for bringing the best of your talents to the studio, and striving to make the music all that it could be.

Isa: Thank you for your beautiful artwork and design, and for discovering so many new things about this process with me. It was a pleasure to work with you!

My family: Your willingness to see me through in my musical career means the world to me. You all have given me my foundation, my strength, and my center. The confidence I've found in your support reminds me every day to always be true to myself and to others. 

My friends: My chosen family. You are the ones who have taught me to see the world in so many different ways. Thank you for each of the beautiful gifts you have offered me through your time and your prayers. The investments you have made in my life continue to help me grow at every new turn.